Hunat Sugbu Run 6
Dagan para ni Maning



Registration is non-refundable and non-transferable. By booking your registration through the form below constitutes to agreeing the waiver/release form provided.
Registration Form


In consideration of my entry, I, my heirs, executors and administrators release and forever discharge the Cebu Parklane International Hotel, SAFE, its officers, staff, sponsors, servants, agents and subcontractors, instrumentalities and all voluntary community groups, and all organization assisting this event, producers, their agents and representatives of all liabilities, claims, damages or cost which I may have against them arising out of, or in any way connected with my participation in this event. I understand this waiver includes claims based on negligence, action or inaction of any above parties. I fully recognize the difficulties of this event and declare that I am physically fit and able to compete in this event safely, and not have been told otherwise by a medically qualified person. Furthermore, I certify that I have secured myself a life and accident insurance coverage up to the third party liability to answer for any damages or loss of life and property that may occur in this particular event. I also understand that this registration is non-transferrable and non-refundable. I agree that in the event of race cancellation due to storm, rain, inclement weather, wind or any other unforeseeable, or “act of God” conditions, my entry fee shall be non-refundable. I have carefully read this entry form and agree to abide by all rules and directions of all race officials on the day of the race.





  • The Race Director shall have the authority to disqualify participants.
  • Race participants may not compete with a bare torso during bike and run course.The responsibility of keeping on the correct course and loop counts rests with the competitor.
  • No headphones or headsets may be worn during the race.
  • SAFE/ HUNAT SUGBU reserves the right to make rules changes at any time provided all athletes are notified in writing and/or at the pre-race compulsory briefing.
  • Any protests regarding decisions made by Race Officials must be made in writing and received by the Race Director within two hours of finishing the event with a protest fee of P500 (non-refundable). The protest note should be handed in to the Race Director.
  • If a competitor decides to withdraw from the race at any time, it is their responsibility to notify a Race Official.
  • Medical personnel shall have ultimate and final authority to remove a participant from the race if the participant is judged to be physically incapable of continuing the race without risk of serious injury or death. Participants who receive IV treatment during the event will be withdrawn from the race.
  • No contestant may use alcohol or any illegal, detrimental or dangerous drugs, stimulants, depressants or other substances with the intent to improve their performance, eliminate the sense of fatigue or for any other purpose.
  • Good sportsman-like conduct will be demanded of all competitors. Fraud, theft and acts of grossly unsportsman-like conduct are grounds for immediate disqualification and may result in competitors being prevented from competing in any Sugbutriathlon event in the future.


  • No form of locomotion other than running or walking is allowed.
  • Runners must wear the race number at all times on the course. Race numbers issued officially, identify the official contestants in the race. Folding, cutting race number, intentional alteration of any kind, or failure to wear the race number is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and may result in disqualification. Race number must be placed on the front of the runners upper clothing where it is clearly visible and must not be obscured from view.
  • No individual support vehicles or non-participant escort runners or cyclists are allowed.
  • This is an INDIVIDUAL endurance event. Team work as a result of outside assistance which provides an advantage over single competitors is not allowed. Individual support vehicles or non-participant escort runners will result in disqualification. A non-participant escort runner includes participants who have withdrawn from the race, have been disqualified or have finished the race. Friends, family members, coaches or supporters of any type may not bike, drive or run alongside competitors, may not pass food or other items to competitors and should be warned to stay completely clear of all participants to avoid the disqualification of a participant. It is the responsibility of each competitor to immediately reject any attempt to assist, follow or escort. It is permissible for contestants who are still competing to run with other contestants who are also still competing.
  • Breaches of the rules will incur an added four minutes to the individual’s finish time.
  • Breaches include outside assistance and pacing. More than one breach anytime during the race will incur disqualification.

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